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About Eastman

In 1978, Eastman Scaffolding was established, and since then, it has been providing superior quality scaffold and formwork products and accessories to the market. Our chairman and visionary leader, Mr. J.R. Singal founded the company with an aim to provide high quality scaffolding products and accessories to the market. With his guidance, and our dedication, we have become one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of building materials and scaffolding products. We are premier provider of scaffolding system, formwork accessories, scaffolding couplers, and different types of construction materials. We have achieved a turnover of 134 million USD in the financial year 2011-2012. Eastman Scaffolding has constantly improving the Customer Value Proposition , and has become a trusted supplier in the international market, including Latin America, Europe, Africa and other parts of C.I.S. At Eastman Scaffolding, you will find high quality scaffolding systems, couplers, scaffolding props, walk boards, formwork accessories, frames and other accessories. We have notable knowledge of all scaffolding equipments and techniques. Our wide product mix of Frame and Brace, System, Tube, Clamp, and Suspended Scaffolding brings the versatility to our portfolio and allow us to provide access solutions for all types of jobs.As we have a long list of satisfied clients, repeat business has become culture at Eastman Scaffolding. From comprehensive scaffolding solutions, quality services to the pre-order support or pricing, contact us today for your niche scaffolding requirement.

Our Focus
Our skilled professionals are highly focused and determined to deliver top-notch quality and services. Through safety, customer satisfaction to continuous improvement, we uphold everything to keep you happy. Eastman Scaffolding aims to manufacture and export scaffold products that fit the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s clients. We are well-equipped, experienced and have talented workforce to provide the highest quality services with utmost professionalism. Qualified scaffolding manufacturer at Eastman Scaffolding seek to consistently provide clients with high quality services and efficient execution of these services. We strive to be the most reliable and leading provider of scaffolding products and services by catering for clients and projects of any size.

What Differentiates Us?
Once you step in Eastman Scaffolding premises, you will see and experience the difference. We have a highly professional set up, well-defined quality policy, extensive product line, and highly dedicated staff, which is a very rare combination to find elsewhere.Unlike any other scaffolding product manufacturer, we pay special attention to the detail, and make sure we provide right scaffold solution to clients that exactly fit their requirement and provide absolute value for money.   Read More

Eastman Scaffolding: A Trusted Industry Leader

Eastman Scaffolding sets the standard for advanced and customized scaffold systems worldwide, with top-notch engineering and product development. We are leading manufacturer and exporter of scaffold products worldwide.Founded in 1978, we aim to achieve high level of business acumen so that we provide superior value to our valuable customers. At Eastman Scaffolding, you will find deadline-sensitive and responsible professional with a proven record of excellence. We use proprietary labor, quality material and strict quality control system to maintain the top notch performance and provide 100% customer satisfaction.We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of Scaffolding products and accessories. Reach us to get custom scaffolding solutions.

Solid Performance & Quality Relationship

Whether you want a standard scaffold design or a personalized design, we can engineer and manufacture scaffolding products to handle your specific requirement. Eastman Scaffolding has marked his presence by performing remarkably well, and achieving absolute satisfaction of the clients worldwide. Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified scaffolding company, we have earned notable recognition and reputation in the industry. We have also won numerous awards and certifications for delivering industry leading performance. Our commitment to safety and quality reflects from every steps of product manufacturing process. We use a variety of testing equipment to ensure only the highest quality materials are approved for production. Our products absolute adhere to international and local regulations.At Eastman Scaffolding, you will find a range of construction materials, including Clamps and Frames. Additionally, we provide a range of Scaffold systems, formwork panels, scaffolding accessories, shoring products, custom fabrication/ forging/ casting/ steel metal products and many more.

Our Versatility & Performance

Our pride reflects in our unsurpassed performance. With us, you will benefit from the seasoned employees who have extensive experience of different types of scaffolding projects. Our experienced foremen and project managers ensure that latest equipment, proven technique, high quality materials and pay attention to detail. We always invest a great deal of time and energy starting from the pre-planning phase to post delivery phase to ensure you get optimum results. Eastman Scaffolding scores high when it comes to offer safety, versatility and efficiency. Our scaffold products are compatible with a range of equipment and accessories, plus, can be customizable for any application.Eastman Scaffolding is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of scaffold products for various industries, which include but not limited to petrochemical, energy, manufacturing, constructions and many more. With our head quarter in Ludhiana, we have a remarkable presence in across the world.

Why Eastman?

A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.

  Our Strength
Customized Order
We provide customized products to our clients as per their requirements.
New Development
We provide new development as per clients requirements.
Product Test Reports
Owing to our reputation in industry, we are here providing the individual test reports for our product range.

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